The world’s first contactless pizzas

The world’s first contactless pizzas

Press Release June 2020

The first contactless pizza. Or how to reconcile safety and the love of good food!

#donttouchmypizza (or #touchepasamapizza in French)

The ​ current ​ crisis ​ has ​ made ​ us ​ all ​ concerned about the sanitary conditions that ​ question ​ our ​ food ​ consumption ​ habits. Pazzi, the world’s first pizzaiolo robot, offers a suitable solution to delight the taste buds of all food aficionados.

Every day, Pazzi cooks tasty, generous pizzas. Whether it is busy kneading the dough, baking, cutting the pizza, or sliding it into the box, Pazzi has many tricks up his sleeve. To avoid any risk of contamination, ​ Pazzi ​ alone ​ manipulates the dough. It’s the promise of Pazzi: a contactless pizza! The result? None other than the happy eater touches or ​ gets ​ close ​ to ​ the ​ delicious ​ pizza. The best way to eat safely and with total peace of mind.

We said #donttouchmypizza.

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The ​ order ​ is ​ made ​ via ​ UberEats. The pizza delivery driver collects the securely sealed box and brings it to its happy recipient.

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The order is made in the Pazziria of Val d’Europe, on disinfected terminals, or via the web app. Customers can book their pizza and select a specific collection time. After preparing the pizza and sliding it into the box, Pazzi puts it in a secure locker that only the gourmet customer can access. With hydroalcoholic gel available at will, and safe distances preserved, visitors can safely collect their pizzas.

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Eating well: good products and a good recipe is the secret to happiness

At ​ Pazzi, ​ we ​ don’t ​ mess ​ around ​ with ​ dough. ​ The Pazzi gang has entrusted this crucial task to Thierry Graffagnino, a renowned pizza chef, and three-time pizza world champion. Using the flour sourced from a local family mill, the Moulins Familiaux Paul Dupuis, Thierry concocted the dough recipe. After having matured for 48 to 72 hours, the resulting crust offers a blend of softness and crispness that can drive anyone completely pazzo*. Besides, at Pazzi, no one ever leaves the crust on the plate!

Did we mention toppings? Organic vegetables, PDO ​ cheeses, ​ Clean ​ Label ​ hams, ​ fish ​ from ​ sustainable ​ sources. ​ Yes, ​ all ​ that. ​ The ​ menu ​ features no less than 7 quality food labels!

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A world premiere: the result of the hard work of two pazzo inventors, joined by 27 food lovers.

Pazzi was first born in the minds of Cyrill Hamon ​ and ​ Sébastien ​ Roverso, ​ two ​ French engineers from Seine et Marne. In 2012, in Lagny-sur-Marne, far from Silicon Valley, these robotics enthusiasts built the first prototype in Sébastien’s garage.

Years of testing, tinkering, and fiddling, not to mention the occasional burning of ​ pizzas ​ - ​ Sébastien’s ​ house ​ almost ​ caught ​ fire ​ several ​ times ​ - ​ have ​ enabled Pazzi to see the light of day. Joined by an equally pazzo team of food lovers, the project now brings together 29 people who make sure the Pazzi magic happens every day.

Already ​ driven ​ by ​ the ​ love ​ of ​ pizza ​ and ​ the ​ growing ​ consumer ​ demand ​ for improved food safety, the current circumstances give even more relevance to their ​ concept, ​ much ​ like ​ other ​ automation solutions.

PAZZI in a few figures:

  • 0 : the number of hands that touch the ​ pizza ​ before ​ it ​ reaches ​ its ​ happy ​ recipient
  • 1287 : the number of pizzas prepared by Pazzi and distributed to those who kept the country running (medical staff, hospital maintenance staff, truck and bus ​ drivers, ​ supermarket ​ employees, ​ pharmacists, ​ police ​ officers, ​ firemen, ​ garbage collectors...).
  • 5 : the number of patents filed
  • 7 : the ​ years ​ of ​ work ​ that ​ made ​ it possible to achieve this world-first
  • 77 (Seine-et-Marne) : the birthplace of Pazzi
  • 4 new restaurants in 2020
  • 5 ​ (millions) : possible ​ pizza combinations! Foodies will be able to start with a “blank” dough and compose their own pizza recipe.
  • 5 minutes (and even less) : the time needed to prepare 1 pizza!
  • 80 (pizzas) : what Pazzi can deliver in 1 hour
  • 29 (cm) or 11,5 (inches) : the pizza’s circumference, and the total length of the crust (or ‘cornice’ for the connoisseurs)
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Coming soon:

  • 4 new restaurants in 2020
  • 5 ​ (millions): ​ possible ​ pizza ​ combinations! Foodies will be able to start with a “blank” dough and compose their own pizza recipe.
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